January 8-9, 2022

General Information

Teams applying will play in their 2021-2022 age group. All applications will need to have payment with them to be considered. This alone does not automatically enter your team. All teams will need to gain official acceptance into the Albion SC Development Showcase.

Teams traveling in from out of state will be granted early acceptance.

Application Deadline: December 10, 2021

Mandatory Team Check-In on Saturday at the field

Teams will be accepted in either Super Group (Top Flight), Showcase (Second Flight) , Cup (Third Flight) *If we only have two flights will do Showcase and Cup only. If a team is not accepted we will notify you of that and refund your fee.

Teams traveling in from outside Southern California will need travel papers, unless they are with US Club Soccer

All teams traveling will need to stay at one of the approved Albion Cup Hotels in order to be accepted. This tournament is a “Stay and Play” event

All teams will be scheduled to play 3 games.

The Albion SC Development Showcase will do its very best to accommodate all coaches conflicts, but there are no guarantees.

Team Awards will be given to the first and second place team members and coach. Champions will receive team trophy, medals, and champions t-shirt. Finalist will receive medals.

Entry Fee U8 – U10: $795*

Entry Fee U11 – U12: $895*

Entry Fee U13 – U19: $995*

*Credit Card payments have an automated credit card processing fee

Please note: Once your team has been accepted and paid their entry fee, refunds will not be given. Teams can petition for a refund via email to The Tournament Directors will consider if adequate notice was given to find another team and determine if any administrative expenses have been incurred. The Albion Cup Showcase reserves the right to apply an administrative fee should a refund be granted – $50.

Inclement Weather:

The Tournament Rules Committee reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather:

* Relocate and/or reschedule a match.
* Change a division structure.
* Reduce scheduled duration of a match
* Cancel a match.
* Cancel the tournament

In the event of inclement weather forcing play to be halted and preventing the match from completing during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least one-half of the match has been completed. Applicant expressly recognizes and agrees that inclement weather situations are beyond the control of the tournament, and no credits or refunds will be given in the event that inclement weather interferes with, alters, or results in the cancelation of scheduled matches.

In the event that the entire tournament is cancelled, a refund of the entry fee (if any) or a portion of the entry fee (if any) will be determined by the Tournament Committee after all expenses have been calculated.